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Answer: To Be Announced

The delays in production are because we added additional security features to both models. For both models, we added thumbscrews to the rod holders to prevent them from sliding along the telescopic support tubes. Our initial design was to depend on a nice friction fit that would allow the rod holders to be adjusted by hand but not slide during transit. During our testing, we noticed that sometimes the rod holders would slide along the dovetail slot in the support tubes. By adding thumbscrews to the rod holders, when tightened, the screws engage with the dovetail slot and can’t slide. Once you have the rod holder in place, tighten the thumbscrew and they will stay in place.

RodMounts Interior Racks NoticeFor the truck model, we added a set screw to the rear telescopic tube assembly bracket. The brackets attach at the cap window frame by sliding between the frame and inside of the cap. Our initial design was to use the friction of the fit to keep the brackets from coming out of the frame on bumpy roads. We weren’t convinced that there was enough friction to prevent that from happening on really bumpy roads. We decided to add a set screw to the bracket that increases the holding strength of the bracket to the window frame by tightening to the window frame (no drilling required).

RodMounts Interior Racks NoticeThese changes, while maybe sounding minor, took time to design and re-tool. The end result is a much more secure fit and function. The changes provide for better function and performance. We felt it was for the best to delay production to make a better product.

We appreciate your interest and patience and believe you will enjoy the convenience and performance of our new ROD-UPs. For updates on availability please email us at:

Suggested retail price: $199.95

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